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Tax Lien Mailing Lists

If you’re looking for a Tax Lien Mailing List you’ve come to the right place.  We compile records on a daily basis from courthouse and assessor records nationwide.    Federal or State Income tax liens come from courthouse records once they are filed and then released into the public domain.  Delinquent Property tax tiens are compiled from local county assessor records.  Our income Tax Lien database is courthouse verified and provides you access to consumers with a Federal or State Tax Lien at their postal mailing address.   Whether you need 500 names or 50,000 names we offer affordable pricing.   We really do make it easy for you to get your offer into the hands of your best prospects.

Are you you’re looking to reach prospects nationwide or just in your surrounding counties?  Are you looking to filter by lien amount, for example only liens greater than $10,000?  Are you looking for just individual liens or business liens as well?  No problem, we can help.  If you’re looking to start small, call us about a custom geo-targeted mailing list of the Federal or State Tax Liens in your market area.  In 5 minutes one of our specialists can consult with you over the phone and explain the most effective methods of direct mail lead generation.   Select just the most recent Tax Liens (or maybe those that are 6 months old) by Lien type and Lien amount.  We even offer a subscription service so your offer is in front of these consumers that need your services as soon as their lien becomes public record.  You can receive your list via email and for a small additional fee we will print you custom peel and stick laser labels.

After filtering and data hygiene there are aproxximately 25,000 to 30,000 new records per month on average.  Every record is run through the USPS NCOA and DPV Address hygiene systems the day you order your list.

Our Tax Lien Mailing List covers counties that the competition doesn’t compile.  We compile these records from multiple data sources and our data is guaranteed accurate and deliverable in writing.   We’ve been providing our clients Tax Lien Lists since 1991.

Tax Lien Data




Tax Lien Data and Leads

If you’re looking for residential or commercial property owners with delinquent property taxes we have access to this data. Keep in mind that not all counties make this data available on their property tax files. We compile this data from the available counties on a monthly basis and clean the county property tax data using USPS approved address correction software. These records are very different from the Federal and State Tax Lien records that we compile from court records.

Call us and we’ll answer all your questions regarding Tax Lien Mailing Lists, and commercial and residential delinquent property tax data.   We can send you a sample data file of the Federal or State Tax Lien Mailing List database (these are not actual records) for your review.


You have questions, we have answers.

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A Few Selections Available…

  • Geo-Targeted
  • Lien Type
  • Debtor Type
  • Lien Date
  • Upload Date
  • Phones where available
  • USPS Verified Addresses
  • NCOA cleaned weekly
  • …and so much more!



Tax Lien Mailing Lists - Courthouse Records

Tax Lien Mailing Lists – Courthouse Records

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